Preparation and distribution of documents for meeting

Normally, a large amount of paper materials are used in meetings, and the administrative staff who prepare the materials has to do an enormous amount of work (printing, photocopying, replacing materials at the last minute, etc.).

In addition, the large amount of paper materials that are collected and disposed of after the meeting is a problem from the perspective of environmental conservation.

Replacing materials with digital paper will make meetings paperless, reduce the risk of information leaks, make meetings run more smoothly, and allow people to share their creative time.



Staff training at the store

The use of digital paper can help reduce the amount of paper used in training/site training.

Many paper materials are used for staff training in retail and service industries where many staff members change frequently. With digital paper, staff manuals can be distributed and collected without paper.

In addition, the manuals in the digital paper can be used intuitively and without any sense of discomfort, as they can be written down immediately upon noticing any comments on the work.