A borderless line, moving free between the analog and digital, so natural and intuitive thinking blends together with the systematic and analytical.


The traditional act of writing fosters creativity and logical thinking. We believe the benefits and convenience of writing should remain active even more in the digital age. We built this company in order to address the need to maintain paper-like writing, while utilizing the full advantages of digital services and applications.


Linfiny is a joint venture between E Ink Holdings and Sony Semiconductor Solutions. Linfiny was established on Oct 2017, with a team of design, mechanical, electrical and software engineers that shared a common vision to redefine the way we read, write and think, using the digital tools we use every day. Linfiny has started out from Sony and has grown larger with E Ink, now manufacturing Digital Paper devices, PC, mobile applications and middleware server kits to integrate seamlessly with pre-existing network services. Linfiny serves both consumer and professional markets with ODM offerings for Sony IP&S and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited. Linfiny is headquartered in Linkou Taiwan with offices in Hsinchu Taiwan and Akihabara Japan.


Naoki Sumita


Linfiny Corporation
No.199 Hwaya Road 2, Kueishan Taoyan 333 Taiwan ROC

Linfiny Japan Inc.
Sony Akihabara Bldg., 1-24-2 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 Japan


Linfiny’s current product lineup is offered as an ODM model in both 13.3” A4 Letter-size and 10.3” A5 Notebook size devices, along with PC and mobile applications to enable seamless sharing of document files. Linfiny is also known for their exclusively designed thin and lightweight accessory products. Linfiny is open to 3rd party partnerships with customers looking for multiple device and document control solutions for their enterprise and institutional customers.

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