Make significant current workflow innovation
by leveraging Digital Paper

“As paperless solution for the digital DX and SDGs age”
Paper plays a big role in certain occupations.
Linfiny digital paper device would make paper-heavy tasks more efficient and help many people go paperless and building DX.
For us, the central goal is to embody the level of user-friendly practicality you’d expect to find in everyday tools.
DCSS Web API for server system, lets you send files from your computer or main server to your Digital Paper device wirelessly and check work documents, drawing and inspection sheet without any hassle.

Digital Paper Device information

Black & White Digital Paper Device

Digital Paper combines the simplicity of reading and
writing on real paper with the convenience of digital
features, including easy sharing across devices,
searchable documents, and secure document encryption.

4,096 colors Digital Paper Device Featuring E Ink Kaleido™ 3
*Target MP April. 2024

“As paperless solution for the digital DX and SDGs age”

Rich Color, Fast Response Time.
This new generation of E Ink Kaleido™ 3 offers richer colors, along with 16 levels of grayscale and 4096 colors, perfect for displaying color documents and information on the devices.

Software Information

DCSS Library For Server System
DCSS (Digital Paper Control Server Software)

The DCSS is the software for operating a plurality of Digital Paper devices in collaboration with systems of schools, factories, hospitals and enterprises.
By using the DCSS, a solution with which an existing business system transfers PDF files to a plurality of Digital Paper devices, or collects documents from a specific Digital Paper device can be realized.

Digital Paper Document Manager for PC

*Under development : Release target June, 2024

Digital Paper Document Manager is server software
that sends and receives files between digital paper and an installed PC.