Digital Paper
HW Specification

What is the resolution of the Digital Paper?

13.3inch:1650 x 2200dot (207dpi)
10.3inch:1404 x 1872dot (227dpi)

How many gradations does the display have?

16 gray scales.

What is CPU’ maker and PN?

Linfiny adopts NXP i.MX8Mini Quad-core A53 1.8GHz Applications Processor.

How much memory size?

Memory size is 32GB (User area 22GB). 。

USB I/F is Type-C?

Yes, it is Type-C.

What is WiFi specification?

IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO(wave2) (2.4GHz /5GHz)

What is batter size?


Battery charging time?

Using PC via USB cable: 7hrs
Using AC adopter : 2.5hrs

Related stylus pen

The stylus pen doesn't work.

Please check pen tool pallet of digital paper first.
If the setting is eraser, the stylus pen doesn't work as handwriting mode.

User can use brush type pen?

Yes, user can use brush type pen due to pen pressure feature.

Does stylus pen need a battery?

The stylus pen’s method is EMR type, so the pen doesn’t have a battery.

What type is the stylus pen?

The stylus pen is for EMR.

UI, Features of
Digital Paper device

Can user use the Digital paper with connecting USB cable to AC adopter?

In order to extend the life of the battery, we recommend you disconnect the cable once you finish a battery charging.

User can the digital paper as music score use case by synchronizing the 2 devices?

The device doesn’t have synchronizing feature.

There is ghosting on the display, user can erase?

Yes, user can erase the ghosting by swiping up or down.

Does Digital paper have a continuous fast flipping page function?

Yes, it does.
Swipe (move your finger) and Stop and keep your finger in the direction of the next page.
When [Page Flow] is set to [Right to left], flip right to left, and when [Page Flow] is set to [Left to right], flip left to right.

User can set up auto sleep time?

Yes, user can set up the auto sleep time from 1min to 24h.

Digital paper can connect a keyboard to fill in text?

The device cannot use keyboard.

How to set up the date and time?

When you press the (home) button, the settings icon appears in the home menu, allowing you to edit the current date and time status of your Digital Paper.
[General Settings]
Click [Edit] to edit each item.
[Date format]
Set the display format for the date.
[Time format]
Set the display format for the time.
[Time zone]
Set the time zone.
[Auto sleep]
Set the amount of time before the Digital Paper enters sleep mode.

Can the digital paper display multiple windows?

It can only display two separate documents side by side using the split-screen display function.

Can I perform file moving operations using only the digital paper device?

Yes, it is no problem to operate file moving operations using only the digital paper device.

Can I rename file names or folder names on the digital paper?

Yes, you can change file names and folder names directly on the device.

Can user search for a handwritten words within a document?

You can search for a string of text within a document.
You cannot search for a handwritten words, however you can search for a handwritten mark within a document.
Select a specific mark, and can search for the handwritten mark within the document that is currently being displayed on the Digital Paper.

How many colors of marker pen does Digital Paper have?

Digital Paper has two type marker pen, one is highlight marker, and another one is free marker which can write on handwriting. You can choose 4 colors(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) from pen tool pallet.

Does the digital paper have an undo function for the last operation? How many steps of undo can be performed?

The digital paper has Undo and Redo functions. It supports Undo and Redo for the entire writing process within a page, as long as you don't navigate away from the page.

Can I copy or cut handwritten contents parts on the digital paper?

Yes, you can. However, for handwritten content from another digital paper, editing restrictions can be disabled to enable editing.

Does the digital paper display A4-sized documents at 100% zoom?

The digital paper displays A4-sized documents nearly at their original size to fit the 13.3-inch display.
As the 13.3-inch display is approximately 90% the size of an A4 paper, the display is scaled down by about 10%. For the 10.3-inch display, A4-sized documents are displayed at approximately half their size.

Can the digital paper display two documents side by side?

Yes, simultaneous display is possible. When the digital paper device is oriented horizontally, you can have separate documents displayed side by side.

Can the digital paper display documents in a two-page spread format?

Yes, you can set the two-page spread format. Additionally, you can set the option for "Two-page spread cover setting" which allows you to display the first page as a standalone cover and the following pages in a two-page spread format.

Can I write on a two-page spread format?

Yes, you can write on it.

Can I zoom in and out when displaying a two-page spread?

You can only zoom in, not out.

Digital Paper can view e-Book contents like Kindle?

Digital Paper cannot view ePUB format e-Book contents.
(Only PDF file format)

Can I transfer files between the computer and the digital paper via USB connection?

File transfer can be done on digital paper devices with MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) support. However, MTP functionality is only enabled for Windows machines.

Can I turn pages while wearing gloves or rubber gloves on the digital paper?

No, operation is not possible while wearing gloves due to the electrostatic touch panel.

Does Digital paper have any screen lock function?

Yes, it does.

1. Setting the screen lock For security purposes, the Digital Paper can be protected by a screen lock. When the screen lock is set, a lock password must be entered after the Digital Paper is turned on or awaken from sleep mode.
Disabling the screen lock function Press the(home) button, and tap [Settings] — [System Settings] — [Screen Lock] — [Screen Lock]. Enter the lock password, and tap [OK]. Then select [Disable] and tap [OK].
2. Disabling the screen lock via FeliCa card/FeliCa-compatible device To waken the Digital Paper from sleep mode, instead of entering a lock password, a FeliCa card, FeliCa-compatible mobile phone, smartphone, or similar item can be held against the Digital Paper to disable the screen lock. After setting a lock password, follow the steps below to register a FeliCa card/FeliCa-compatible device to the Digital Paper.

Can user turn a page while zoomed document?


Can the digital paper display pages divided into 16 sections (page thumbnails)?

Yes, it supports 16-section display (page list/thumbnails).

Can the digital paper display text files (.txt)?

No, it cannot display text files.

What file formats can the digital paper handle (display)?

The digital paper can only display PDF files. It conforms to the PDF 1.7 specification.

Can the digital paper display image files like JPEG data?

No, it cannot display image files.

Can the digital paper display PDFs in foreign languages (Korean, Chinese, etc.)?

It can display PDF data in foreign languages if the PDF includes fonts for that language. Otherwise, it cannot display them.

How many pages of the note can user create?

User can create the pages without limited as long as there is enough memory store size.

Can the digital paper display office files (.pptx, .xlsx, .doc, etc.)?

No, it cannot display office files.

Can the digital paper use PDF forms?

Yes, it can use PDF forms. However, it supports only 7 types of PDF form elements that were created using Foxit PDF Editor or Adobe Acrobat DC. These supported elements are: 1) Checkbox, 2) Radio button, 3) Combo box, 4) List box, 5) Text field, 6) Date field, and 7) Push button. If you need to use form functionalities beyond these 7 elements, please consult our sales representative for further assistance.

What type of file format does user can use when user uses Digital Paper in the meeting?

Please choose the PDF file format once you want to store a file into Digital Paper.

Does Digital Paper have Zooming function in on a document?

Yes, it does, and while zoomed in, you can write using the pen, delete items written with the pen, and highlight items.
The following two ways are available to zoom in a document.

1) Pinch out on the desired area with two fingers. (Pinch-out)
2) Pinching in the zoomed-in screen with two fingers zooms out the document. (Pinch-in)

How to add a new page?

Yes, there is the feature for adding page in tool bar, please open the tool bar and select the menu " Insert New Page" , then the new page is inserted which position before open page.

Can I add additional types of templates for notes?

Yes, you can. Besides the standard "University Notebook" template, you can add custom note templates in PDF format (single page) or templates available on the company's website.

Can I duplicate documents or notes on the digital paper?

Yes, it's possible. You can select the "Duplicate" option from the menu that appears before the file name in the document/note list.
Duplicates can be created within the same folder or in different folders.

Can I create new folders?

Yes, you can. While viewing the document folders, you can use the device's menu button to access "Create New Folder" and create folders. Additionally, you can delete folders using the menu button.

Is there an alarm or notification when the battery is running low?

Yes, the battery icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen displays battery capacity.
When the battery level drops below 24% or 10%, a screen notification appears indicating the need for charging.

Are there any prohibited characters or length limits for file names or folder names?

Prohibited characters for file and folder names include:
colon (;), semicolon (:), slash (/), backslash(\),pipe (|), comma (,), asterisk (*), question mark (?), double quotes ("), less than (<), and greater than (>).
The maximum character limit for file names is 250 characters.

Link digital paper and
system server

Digital Paper device can authenticate LDAP or AD?


User can adopt the Digital Paper device for paperless meeting solution or DX solution?

Yes, user can use our Digital Paper device by leveraging DCSS solution for such those use cases.

User can set up wireless LAN from setting menu of Digital Paper?

User can set up wireless LAN by setting menu of Digital Paper.

User can use WiFi network with WEP type?

User cannot use WiFi network with WEP type.
Please use access point using encryption of WPA2-PSK(AES)or 802.1x EAP(TLS/PEAP).

User can WebDAV?




デジタルペーパーは防塵・防滴仕様ではないため、乾いた布や湿った布などで軽く拭いてください。 ただしパネル周辺部や電源ボタン、USB端子部分などは構造上密閉されていないため水分が入らない様にしてください。 水分が染み込んだ場合は故障の原因となります。




どの程度の高さから落として壊れないかという数値はありません。 本機を落としたり、重いものを乗せたり、強いショックを与えたり、圧力をかけないでください。 本機の故障の原因となります。


Does the Digital Paper come with a cover or device case as accessories?

No, the DIgital Paper doesn't come with accessories such as a cover or device case.
If you want accessories such as stylus pen, device case and pen tips, you can buy accessories at Fujitsu Webmart or retail stores. Then, you can buy water proof case at F&L Solution Webshop.

When worker uses the device in a clean room, does a dust get blown up in the air?

Pen tip wears down because of friction between the stylus pen tip and the EPD display surface. So, a few dust may get blown up in the air. Please check your clean room criteria.

What is differences between Fujitsu Quaderno and Linfiny Digital Paper device?

The device firmware is difference between Quaderno and LSM model.
Linfiny standard model firmware is optimized for B2B use scenario.
(Various PDF form function enhancement, Preparing useful DCSS APIs for connecting system server) Note creating feature and PDF viewer feature are common.