Black & White Digital Paper Device

A4 paper-sized Digital Paper

Digital Paper continues to evolve. Our goal is to give customers that natural and familiar experiences of reading, annotating and note-taking while enabling many to achieve a paperless workflow.

The new 3rd generation model, 13.3 inch A4 paper-sized Digital Paper extends all the benefits of going paperless to a broader array market such as industry, medical, education and business professionals.

Favorite Features and Functions

Paper-like display

Glare-free display is ideal for long-term, immersive reading, even in direct sunlight.

Thin and lightweight

A4 model is 5.7mm thick, weighing only 368g.



Realistic writing feel & battery less stylus pen (Wacom EMR method)

Digital Paper gives users the “feel” of writing on paper because of its non-slip panel. Felt stylus tips is included, providing a pencil-like experience.



Generous storage

32GB of internal memory (Approx. 24GB usable) lets users carry and access up to 10,000 PDF documents.

Auto save

Annotations and hand-written notes are automatically saved to internal memory and easily searchable.

Long-lasting battery

On a single charge, lithium ion battery enables use for up to 5 days with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth turned on, and up to three weeks with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth turned off.

Actual performance varies based on settings, environmental conditions, and usage. Extensive handwriting and/or continuous connection with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will draw more power and require more frequent charging.

Product picture

Technical specifications


E Ink 13.3 inch Flexible e-paper display
Resolution 1650×2200 dots, 16 gray scale, 207 dpi

Touch Panel+ EMR sensor

Capacitive Touch Panel sensor
Electro-Magnetic Resonance-type touch pen input [4096 levels of pressure sensitivity]


i.MX8M mini (Quad-core Cortex A53 1.8GHz)

Storage memory

eMMC : 32GB / Useable area 24GB

Generous storage

32GB of internal memory (24GB usable) lets users carry and access up to 10,000 PDF documents. (1MB PDF file/ 1 file)


USB 2.0 Type C

Support file format

PDF (.pdf)


IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (WAVE2)
MIMO 2.4GHz/5GHz


 Bluetooth Ver.5.0


13.56MHz / FeliCa

Lithium ion secondary battery


Battery life

3weeks (light user scenarios)
5days (heavy user scenarios)


0°~40°C / 3°C~ 35°C

Size (W x H x D)

222.8 × 301.1 × 5.7 mm




Wacom standard stylus pen, USB C type cable(1.5m), Pen tips, Puller