DCSS(Digital Paper Control Server Software)

The DCSS is the software for operating a plurality of Digital Paper devices in collaboration with systems of universities, factories, hospitals and enterprises.

By using the DCSS, a solution with which an existing business system transfers PDF files to a plurality of Digital Paper devices, or collects documents from a specific Digital Paper device can be realized.

Moreover, the “system manager” who manages this cooperative system can access to the DCSS from a computer and perform various settings.

The relation between the DCSS and the surrounding elements are illustrated in the diagram below.

Easy to use interface and functions

  • Easy to use web API to control documents and displays in digital paper
  • On paper, you can seamlessly connect handwritten document exchanges with the upper system that was separated

Control of multiple digital papers as desired

Execute action from digital paper

  • Any action can be executed from the digital paper by user operation.
  • You can add custom menus for each host system and send requests associated with each document, so you can handle any processing.
  • Since it can be realized by the processing the host system, you don’t have to create an application for digital paper


DocumentSendPOST /document/put
POST /document/get
DeletePOST /document/delete
RenamePOST /document/rename
Page open
POST /document/open
InfoPOST /document/info
Document list info
POST /document/list
Set custom menu
POST /attribute/document/put
Submit from device
POST /attribute/document/get
POST /folder/create
POST /folder/delete
RenamePOST /folder/rename
Digital Paper
Screen Shot
POST /device/screen_shot
Display Message
POST /device/indicate
Get contents info
POST /device/contents
Digital Paper
Wi-Fi/Battery info
GET /manage/devices
User ID
PUT /manage/devices/{serial_number}


Technical Specifications

System requirements Operating system
  • Microsoft Windows
    • Window Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  • Linux
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • CentOS 7
Java Runtime AdoptOpenJDK 8 (OpenJ9)
Recommended hardware requirements (eNote 50units connection)
  • CPU
    • 4th generation or later Intel Core i7 desktop processor equivalent
  • Memory
    • More than 8 GB
  • Storage
    • More than 5 GB
  • Network
    • More than 100 Mbps
  • Delivery, retrieval, and editing of PDF files to eNote devices
  • Editing a folder on an eNote device
  • Control of eNote device
    • Viewing PDF file
    • Displaying the message dialog
    • Taking screenshots, etc.
  • Management of eNote device
    • Change settings
    • Mapping of devices to user IDs on Open LDAP, etc.
  • Management of DCSS
    • Managing the command queue
    • Alive monitoring, etc.