Taking the convenience of paper to new heights

Lawyers are always carrying around piles of documents, reading articles/documents, and jotting down notes. Digital Paper would make paper-heavy tasks more efficient and help people go paperless.





To help users work as efficiently as possible, Digital Paper transcends the convenience of traditional paper through the power of digital technology. The device has built-in memory with a capacity of around 20,000 files(22GB useable area), first of all, eliminating the burden of having to carry pages upon pages of documents around.




The benefits of technology also shine through in the new search feature, which lets users mark and find items through handwritten symbols.




If you draw stars or asterisks on pages that you’d like to revisit later, the device can bring up lists of all the pages tagged with the same symbols and bring you straight to what you’re looking for all in the blink of an eye.




The efficiency of paperless operations and the potential for brand-new solutions would be well within reach if that’s what you desire.

A dilemma: Digital or paper?

Paper less meeting

Do we still want to use the printed documents?

Business people have always used a large amount of paper for meeting minutes, corporate conference materials and interview sheets. Most workplaces these days are already brimming with new, multifunctional technology like computers, tablets and smartphones, which give business people fast, convenient tools to read and write with.






Carrying documents smart!

Despite the advantages that all those high-performance devices provide, though, there are still quite a few people who preferred the traditional paper format. For example, when they have a meeting like a management level meeting, they still prepare lots of printed documents.

Our Digital Paper gives you a remarkable innovation for paper less operation by leveraging DCSS, and transplants the paper experience into the digital realm.

The Digital Paper Control Server Software (DCSS), lets you send document files from a top server system to your Digital Paper device wirelessly and read documents without any hassle. By syncing document files over network connections, as well, the device makes it possible to share and view documents with multiple users.